Become an ATTA business partner

ATTA is expanding as we are building a network of operations in Europe.
CO2 reduction and sustainability is a key value for us. Therefore we want to produce ATTA locally in order to minimize our transportation activities and therefore act as ecological as possible.

Our goal is to have 10 production units in operation until 2027.
With ATTA you can disrupt the pallet industry with a green, sustainable and light alternative and save the forests for future generations.

If you feel like you can contribute in an active role to our goals, contact us and become an ATTA business partner!

We are looking forward to talking to you soon!

Best regards, Tamas, CEO Hungary

Why to join?
  • ATTA is a disruptive and sustainable product, unique worldwide

  • A modern and fully automated production technology. Only 3 people are required to operate it.

  • An appealing brand and large clients as customers

  • Together we can create more opportunities for growth, margin and profit

  • Change the pallet to save the planet!
What we offer
  • In 9 months, you can have your own factory and become your own CEO!

  • During the construction phase, you will be provided with enough ATTA pallets to build up your sales structure and deliver pallets to your client base

  • In-depth training for operational, technical and commercial topics at one of the operational factories

  • Framework agreements with all major suppliers and pre-contracts with large multinational customers

  • European sales and marketing services and representation at relevant exhibitions and international fairs

  • Expected high 6 figure business revenues per factory and year
What we look for
  • Access to market and existing large client base

  • Experience in B2B business, preferably in packaging, logistics or pallets

  • Industrial manufacturing experience or interest to learn it
  • Significant investment capacity

  • Personal drive and ambition to become a CEO and managing your own business