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Meeting market expectations

We feel obligated to protect the environment, especially the integrity of our forests.

Consequently, we immediately grabbed the opportunity when the pharma and FMCG companies approached us to find a solution to one of the gravest global ecological problems, the radical deforestation.

To fulfil this significant market requirements our team have worked several years on acquiring a replacement for the widely used wooden pallets with a true sustainable, cleaner alternative.

The global logistical circuit is maintained by approximately 5 billion pallets, which is a 50 billion USD industry. The big majority of these are oftentimes single-use wooden pallets, leading to the logging of millions of trees.

This led to the birth of ATTA.


FMCG companies have been searching for non-wood alternative for transportation and storage
  • To serve sustainability
  • To reduce CO2 emissions
  • To be environmentally conscious


We have examined three alternatives
  • Plastic: not biodegradable
  • Metal: expansive and heavy
  • Paper: fully recyclable


Existing paper pallets on the market
  • For single use only
  • Not designed for open rack storage
  • Not available in sufficient quantities


ATTA is the only alternative of the conventional EPAL/EURO pallets
  • Identical size and design
  • Can be placed on open rack up to 800kg
  • Simple, safe and easy handling



Our team did not settle until we developed a product that meets all requirements of the market against a wooden pallet in handling and function.

It is indispensable that pallets can be stored on open rack with the typical load weight of 800kg, and its handling match what operators are used to.

There is not feasible product on the global market that fulfils all of the mentioned criteria

The product is made from recycled paper and can be recycled again after use. ATTA is 80% lighter than EPAL/EURO pallets, which leads to a significant economy of total logistical costs and many other secondary cost savings that are relevant during use, storage and handling.

Non-wood material
completely sustainable
Modern, hygienic and recyclable material
ISPM15 exempt
Light, strong and load-bearing
leads to cost-saving
Simple and safe handling
designed for multiple uses

ATTA paper pallet structure

Green and sustainable

1 tree is necessary to produce one pallet Daily hundred thousand trees are cut, just for pallets

ATTA is made out of 100% waste paper, therefore offering a sustainable solution, contributing to the protection of environment, saving the planet!

Material benefits

Corrugated cardboard is a modern, hygienic material that is produced from recycled paper and is fully recyclable. It is the most widely used material for product packaging, storage, and transportation

Additionally, it reduces the shocks on the products during transportation

Transport and handling

Given the light weight of the pallet (5kg), can be moved by one hand. After loading it can be lifted from 4 sides with a forklift and by jack lift

ATTA is designed for conveyors and rollers, automatic strapping machines, and for stretch-foil wrappers

Product description

Raw materials: 100% recycled corrugated cardboard and paper, water-based glue and surface coating


800 mm
1 200 mm
150 mm
5 kg

Save load transport

ATTA was designed for the typical loading weight used in transportation

Loading weight:
Open rack:

3 500 kg

1 000 kg
800 kg

Financial benefits

Through the low weight and type of material used different savings are obtained from handling, transportation and recycling

Savings per pallet:
Savings from weight: 0.5 – 2 Eur
Income from recycling: 0.3 – 0.5 Eur
Hidden cost savings: 2 – 5 Eur
Extra load per truck: 600 – 1200 kg

Production capacity

To ensure reliable, modern and most efficient large-scale production of ATTA, we developed a fully automated production line, which makes it possible to have industrial production capacity.

The manufacturer of ATTA is Global Paper Pallet Zrt.

Szombathely, Hungary

1700 pallets / day

Start of production: 1st of September 2021


ATTA in a Hungarian Press:

“A unique Hungarian innovation in the world: ATTA is a green and sustainable pallet, every piece saves a tree…”
Date: July 18, 2021

ATTA in the Hungarian Media:

“There may be a shortage of pallets, a Hungarian innovation can provide a solution…”
The team of Global Paper Pallet Zrt, producers of ATTA Paper Pallet, finalized the assembly, testing and fine tuning of the production unit. Production will start up in a few days, during summer in a one shift schedule.
Date: July 1, 2021

ATTA will be at the FachPack 2021 Expo in Nuremberg, Germany.

European trade fair for packaging, technology and processing: 28 - 30 September 2021
Come and visit ATTA at Hall 7, Stand: 7-509
Date: 27 July 2021

Eine österreichisch-ungarische Innovation vergrünt den Palettenmarkt

Weltpremiere auf der FachPack. In Europa ist ein Mangel von neuen Transportpaletten entstanden, die grüne Innovation kommt genau richtig

Frequently asked questions:

Is ATTA resistant to humidity?

Yes. ATTA is treated with a water-repellent surface coating. It is not suited for lengthy outside storage.

Is it equivalent of a one-way (single use) pallet?

N0. ATTA is robust and strong, was designed for multiple usages.

Does it hold in weight as much as a traditional wooden pallet?

Yes. ATTA has a load weight capacity of 3.500 kg on ground, and can carry up to the typical used loading weight of 800kg on open rack.

Cost reduction and benefits?

Compared to wooden pallet ATTA is 20kg lighter, which leads to an increase of 600 – 1200kg of load that can be added on a truck. This leads to the saving of 3 – 7% of the overall transportation costs.

Is it ISPM15 heat treated exempt?

Yes. It is a non-wood product, which exempts it from ISPM15 obligations. Given the material is pest and parasite free, it leads to significant cost savings in global transportation and reduction of administrative burden.

Become an ATTA business partner

ATTA is expanding as we are building a network of operations in Europe.
CO2 reduction and sustainability is a key value for us. Therefore we want to produce ATTA locally in order to minimize our transportation activities and therefore act as ecological as possible.

Our goal is to have 10 production units in operation until 2027.
With ATTA you can disrupt the pallet industry with a green, sustainable and light alternative and save the forests for future generations.

If you feel like you can contribute in an active role to our goals, contact us and become an ATTA business partner!

Get in touch with us, and make an order inquiry!